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Writing a leadership speech

September 28, 2020
Writing a leadership speech 10 out of 10 based on 567 ratings.
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The Average BCC adult education student receives approximately $4,000 in financial assistance


This leaves $3,400 in tuition cost for the student to pay which often is a challenge within a family budget.


Friends of Adult Education exists to help bridge that gap and make it possible for adults to continue their education.

Career and technical education provides for adults interesting course work, increased job stability, and advancement opportunities. For employers, it provides a world-class workforce able to outwork, out produce, and outsmart the global competition.

This opportunity for an improved quality of life comes with expenses that are daunting for most. Adults wishing to further their education find it difficult to balance work, family, and the added expense of tuition. Unfortunately subsidized funds for training have all but disappeared.